Missing out? Nah! Food is too good…

After last nights’ awesome dinner, and freshly made french bread I had no reason to feel like I was missing out on anything. Who would have thought that these amazing baguettes were gluten and dairy free!?! My boyfriend Mike loved it and he’s not gluten free!

I am starting to try new herbs and spices and spicy peppers in different dishes and it definitely makes everything even more enjoyable. Mind you, I did put a few too many thai peppers into the stew, which made for an extra spicy dinner with some coughing and laughter. See, sometimes trying new things teaches us what NOT to do. I know I will only add 6 thai peppers next time instead of 8. Knowing that I’ve tried something new, adapted a recipe you found on the internet and added a twist, or modified the quantities to bring out certain flavors always makes me smile.

I’m thinking I am going to challenge myself to 1 brand new recipe a week and share my successes or perhaps lessons learned 🙂

Anyone else ever put too many hot peppers in a meal? I’m sure someone has a story to share.

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