Smoking in public places

If you have asthma, then you are likely like me. Not always impressed to have to pass through clouds of cigarette smoke on occasion. Many places have signage in place which shows that smoking is not permitted within a certain distance of the main doors. This has proven to be a positive step towards making our community healthier and raising awareness. But not everyone follows these rules, not all citizens in BC know about this  and not all buildings have a policy in place.

Walking down the sidewalk, or standing at the bus stop; the cloud of smoke is often inevitable and there is no 3m buffer zone law. So what do I do? If I can, I take a deep breathe, and walk/run past as fast as I can. I think there needs to be even more awareness out there about the perfumes/scents and smoke sensitivities. How do we go about that? What action needs to be taken? Who do we talk to? To be honest, I am not quite sure.

Is a more strict federal law even a possibility? What about provincially, within our own regions? Do we need stricter legislation or MORE awareness? I am leaning towards awareness for starters as I feel it is something that can be started with a conversation that my friends will bring up with their friends which will keep getting passed around by word of mouth. If smokers knew how ill they make some of us feel, I believe the majority of them would be willing to listen and be sympathetic…

For BC regulations, look at;

Regulations and legislation differ from province to province and between countries. Do you know what the regulations or law is in your country or region?

What do you think? Is anyone else affected by smoke and perfumes and wanting to help create more change? Even if that change is only regionally for the present time? Give me a shout.

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