Kittens on the bus ?!?!?!

Commuting for someone with allergies can be hard. Often times it can be very frustrating as well. Sometimes you have no choice but to take public transit with people who are doused in perfume, covered in cat and dog dander. And believe it or not, cats in cages!

Have you ever had to get off a bus because there were numerous pets on board? I have. It was a little tough to swallow, knowing that the one animal that makes me the most ill was in a closed environment with me. On this particular occasion, there were 3 kittens in one cage! What would you have done? I was more surprised and taken off-guard than anything. My first instinct was to get off the bus. I knew antihistamines wouldn’t kick in right away and figured I might as well play it safe.

What are your thoughts on having cats/dogs etc. on the bus with the rule that they must be in cages?

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