Anaphylaxis Law for Quebec Schools – Megann’s Law

Parents, friends & family of allergic youth,

Similar to Sabrina’s Law ( ) which was put in place after the tragic loss of a young girl in Ontario in 2003, there is a campaign in place to establish a similar Law in Quebec Schools to insure there are clear action plans and protocols in schools. This campaign has come about after a 6-year-old girl named Megann Ayotte Lefort suffered a fatal asthmatic and allergic reaction in Montreal, September 16,2010.

Even if we do not all live in Quebec, Canada, if we all write in, and show how important such a law is and the necessity of it, our voices will help other families and children in Quebec and one would hope that the more laws created in this country, the stronger influence we will have in creating ones closer to home and perhaps others will be created in different countries. Policy makers need to know how CRUCIAL such laws are.

Please share this link with family and friends and help us insure legislation.
Allergic Living, Anaphylaxis Canada, AQAA / Quebec Food Allergy Association, Asthma and Allergies Quebec and a few other organizations have made it simple. They have created a sample letter you can use and personalize if you don’t quite know what to write.
In English:
Also available in French:

If you are wanting to share this with your community, here is a campaign poster you can use;

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. As an advocate in the community for allergy and asthma awareness and support, I am more than willing to answer questions or even help with writing your letter.

Take a stand. Take action now. Let’s make this world a safer place to live together.

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