A visit with my allergist

I saw my allergist again this week after almost 5 months since my last appointment. Had it not been for a busy schedule, I would have checked in sooner. It is so important to have an allergist you feel comfortable with and trust, because they will be the one to help you control your allergies and asthma and come up with an action plan. You need to have someone that will truly listen to what you have to say, and be willing to discuss and provide options.

This appointment it was decided we would scratch test for the pets, pollens, trees, grasses & molds as I hadn’t been tested in some time. Have your or your child done scratch tests? Have you done any blood tests to determine the severity of the allergy?

I am always intrigued to compare results with prior tests; curious to see if anything has changed. Have any of my allergies gotten worse? Have some improved? Though the scratch test and blood work will highlight allergies and their severity, I always find that the more “in tune” I am with my body, the more hints I can get myself. Do you keep track of your allergy “flare-ups” and keep any notes?

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