Internal debate… when we know what we are in for

Do you ever catch yourself having an internal debate over what action to take? Maybe you are going to someone’s house and you don’t know what to expect as you have never been there before. Or you are going to a very busy gathering where there are bound to be some dogs around. No matter what the situation, I know I have definitely questioned my action a few times. I have most often caught myself by playing the devil’s advocate; wherein I ask myself “What if I reacted to ____” or that I tried to weigh the pros vs. cons. I know there are many occasions where I wanted to attend without antihistamines, especially the drowsy ones. These were times I wished I could simply “turn-off” the allergies and get a bit of an easy road for once. I have definitely learned my lesson with the “ah, I’ll be fine” mentality when it comes to environmental allergies for when I was younger, I used to think I was invincible and that my allergies wouldn’t get in the way of anything. It’s easy enough to deny the reality sometimes.

When I was a teen, I wanted to fit in more than anything. I sometimes waited until I had symptoms to take antihistamines even if I knew my allergies might get triggered. It definitely didn’t take long for me to start listening to my parents suggestions about taking the antihistamines 30 minutes prior to potential exposure. This definitely made a difference. Perhaps it’s all in the teenage years, when there’s a want to try and prove the others wrong… even when we are very, very much wrong.

Weekly allergy injections necessitate me taking reactine prior to each one. In the beginning I forgot that I had to take it a handful of times, and only remembered when I was at the doctor’s office. After a few times when I had to sit around an extra half hour so the antihistamine would take effect, I was very good at remembering to take it. Now, taking the antihistamine 30 minutes prior to my injection has become routine in the same way the injections are. They now go hand in hand. Can’t have one without the other.

Have you skipped taking antihistamines before, because you thought you would be fine even when the situation was far from allergy friendly? If you have, has that mentality changed for you?  Bottom line in my mind is this…

“If you aren’t 100% sure, why not take an antihistamine? Do I really want to chance a scratchy throat, itchy eyes and a wheeze?” The answer for these questions will always be NO, if I know well what to expect, or have an idea.

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