Dust is in the air!

Packing in preparation for a move has definitely stirred up dust. Luckily the weather has been extremely nice lately and I was able to do quite a bit of sorting and organizing outside, on the porch; which definitely helped my allergies. Even in vacuuming on a fairly regular basis, there are always corners you cannot get to or have a ton of boxes in the way.  I am thinking it may have been smart to wear a mask for some of the packing, especially at the beginning phases when we were moving everything around.

What do you do? Any tips or tricks to share for any of us that are moving? Or perhaps tricks for spring cleaning?

When I vacuum I always wear a mask. I definitely wish I had worn one for the early packing phases this time around. My chest doesn’t feel as great as normal and dust may be playing an integral part in that, though I have learned my lesson. When in doubt, always wear a mask 🙂


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