Language barriers

Have you ever struggled communicating with a chef or caterer or other due to different languages? How have you dealt with these situations? Do you go to a restaurant with a friend or family member who speaks the language? Maybe you take a translated note with you that has a list of your food allergies and the severity of your allergies with you.

There are numerous occassions where I have found myself in a situation like this. Even at a restaurant where the waiter/waitress speaks English, sometimes it is their second or third language. In these situations I have always asked myself the following questions….does he/she appear to understand? Do they seem confused? Do they just nod their head and say yes before you have even finished? Actually, I usually go through this thought process every time I am eating out or someone else is making the food.

In cases where I don’t feel they quite understood the
severity of my allergies, I have always politely asked to speak with the manager. No harm in that!

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