What can we buy for you to eat?

This question comes up fairly often. Especially when there are gatherings with friends or potlucks, and especially when friends are coming over for dinner. The answer is mostly unexpected as it seems fair that there would be something safe in a grocery store. My response usually comes down to chips and salsa or coconut ice cream…. there isn’t much that could be easy without any preparation. I also make it clear that the bag has to be a newpne, un-opened so it is safe, no cross-contamination.

I always mention fruits and vegetables are a safe bet, but a lot of the time friends may feel like bribing fruits or vegetables is boring. What do you
tell your friends or family. I always make it clear that we could make a dip or guacomole or fruit salad. Have you had similar conversations with friends or family? How do they usually respond?

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