Feeling tight

Do you ever have that feeling that you can’t quite get a full breathe of air? You feel tight and wish you could take a full breathe. I definitely have this feeling from time to time. Sometimes it feels like someone is lying on me and squishing me. I know that my asthma was much better controlled when I was doing sports on a regular basis. Anyone else find that? I know that I am at my best when I am training in sport daily. Twice a day is even better. Believe it or not, I have had several occasions where I can keep the inhalers to a minimum and have been off all of them for a few months as well.

I know that I have a much better understanding of what makes my body work and what doesn’t. The foods it doesn’t like or appreciate, and the many triggers that get to my lungs and cause the tightness and wheezing. I must admit, it can get somewhat frustrating at times, having a tight chest and having to take the inhalers yet again, however I ALWAYS take them. It’s nice to know that the inhaler works and helps. We need to breathe well, and so the right medications are crucial. It is also very important to understand your body so you can try and prevent these¬†exacerbations because they really aren’t so fun.

So my take away is… Try to stay away from the triggers that tease your asthma/wheezing, and take your inhalers on a regular basis (if that is what was prescribed). Know what your limits are and be ready to step aside or leave a party if those limits are being breached. Be smart. It pays off!

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