Convenient food for Travel

How often do you travel? Or find yourself between buses, or waiting for a ride and wishing you had a snack. I feel like 60% of the time I’m well prepared and the other 40% I usually end up leaving in a rush, unprepared or maybe I received an important call before leaving the house and didn’t have time to prepare anything…

Anyways, the point being; as often as we try to be prepared things always come up!

I was emptying out my kitchen cabinets tonight, in preparation for my move on April 1st and came across a few jars of baby food. Yes you heard it right. And I do not have any kids. I had a good laugh as I had forgotten they were there. Have you ever tried the jars of organic baby food? If you have you might have enjoyed the fruit ones, as they are like applesauce but tastier! And they even have ones with organic meat and vegetables, which I learned definitely need some seasoning if you are trying them.

Honestly, when I got stuck between flights and hotels on that long trip  back to visit my family (mentioned in last night’s post) I was VERY happy I had something safe to eat. Yes, maybe it wasn’t all that tasty, but it was healthy! And it filled me up. Well after a few jars that is 🙂

Has anyone else tried baby food??? I’m sure I am not the only one who has tried it!


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