Moving to a new place!

What emotions come about for you when you consider the new suite, apartment or home you are moving to? Are you moving from a place that your allergies were well controlled and minimal? Where are you moving to? Every time I have moved to a new place, I have felt some uncertainty, and a little bit of anxiety, over not knowing for sure what to expect. What if the new place isn’t as good for my allergies as where I am currently living? What if my allergies flare up?

On the few occasions that I catch ask myself getting caught up in an internal monologue over these questions, I am quick to stop, take a step back and re-assess before I get too consumed in thought. Instead of getting myself into the “what if” downwards spiral which can become fairly negative, I start to think of what I can do to best manage my allergies in the new place. I think about all the things I can do to minimize my allergies. There is really no point in worrying before I know what I am dealing with. Instead, I have learned to use all this energy and thought to my own good, and to be proactive. I have dealt with allergies to dust mites and pet dander and the effects of forced air for so many years, that I know I am not going into the new place blind. I know what things need to be done and I can organize myself to ensure I am in control of my allergies and they are not in control of me.

In this new situation, my philosophy will be to take it as it comes. One day at a time. Once in the new place, I will be as aware as possible so I can take action if necessary. I am fairly confident that this new place will be great. 🙂

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