Newly Diagnosed?

Have you been recently diagnosed with allergies and/or asthma? Not quite certain what your next steps should be? Maybe you have been tested for gluten, or an entire panel of the common allergens. Perhaps you have been to an asthma clinic, to seek help as you are having difficulty breathing. Depending on how knowledgeable you are about allergies or asthma prior to diagnosis, you may leave the appointment feeling worried and stressed, or somewhat calm and collected.

Nowadays there is a lot more awareness out there than there used to be. More people are willing to speak up and share their experiences and lessons learned. There are support groups online where there are discussions being had about everything from grocery shopping with allergies, to eating out with allergies, to social events with allergies. And with a little investigation, you may very well find a group in your own city. If you are found to have a severe allergy, fear may be the first thing on your mind. Speaking with someone who has lived with a life-threatening allergy for a while is always a great way to lessen some of the fear, because sometimes family and friends can be extremely supportive, however they may not be able to relate the same.

Asthma. have you been to see a specialist because you have been feeling wheezy or have a tight chest? Were you diagnosed with asthma? Sometimes one can feel a little “in the dark” about treatment and lifestyle when they are first diagnosed. If you have been struggling with coughing and wheezing for some time, a diagnosis may be relieving, as your allergist or doctor will be providing you with an “action plan”. I know for me, it is always more comforting to know there is a treatment plan in place and a backup plan if that treatment is not working as effectively.

How did you feel when you were first diagnosed with allergies, or asthma? Were you concerned, relieved, upset?


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