Do you have a dust mite allergy? How do you manage the allergy? What happens when you clean your place? Today I definitely realized my place was well overdo for a good vacuuming. I usually vacuum my suite on a weekly basis, however I haven’t been able to lately. I was lucky today, as my boyfriend vacuumed for me. Luckily, the weather was nice, so I sat on the porch and breathed in the fresh air, while dosed on Benadryl. I always wear a mask when I clean as their is usually some dust that gets stirred up. I have special pillowcase protectors and a mattress cover to help reduce the presence of dust mites. I also make sure I clean my sheets weekly, in very hot water to ensure any possible mites are removed.

It really makes a huge difference after my place has been cleaned, and laundry is done. It may seem like a lot of work, however having to vacuum on a weekly basis does mean I have a cleaner place to live.

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