Flying with a Mask

As a follow-up to last night’s post, I thought I might share what flying is for me, with my allergies. When I was younger, I flew several times, and after most flights I would always feel like my immune system had been taxed. Usually resulting in a cold or a period of time where I was more sensitive to allergens or my chest was tight.

About 3 years ago, I finally convinced myself that flying with a mask on was the best idea ever. As I had moved across the country for my studies, going home to visit family in Montreal meant for a long flight. I do not recall exactly when my first flight wearing a mask may have been, however this minor detail does not really mean much to me, as the fact of the matter is that I have found a way to reduce my symptoms. Wearing a mask (N-95 in my case) was definitely tough at first, however after even just one flight, the idea of wearing a mask no longer “got to me” as I felt so much better not being exposed to dander from pets on-board.

Being a young adult, I was extremely self-conscious about appearance and what everyone would think of me. Nowadays, when I prepare to take the air plane, I always make sure I have 2 masks with me, so I can switch mid-flight. This has become routine and knowing I have these with me, makes me feel safer when I board the plane. I no longer worry what others think of me, when they pass me on the plane. I smile (behind my mask), sit back and relax for the ride.

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