One of my favorite, easy dinners

Tonight we had one of my favorite easy dinners; spaghetti! However our spaghetti consists of spaghetti squash instead of the corn or rice pasta. This dish is definitely perfect for those days you don’t feel like “cooking up a storm”. What I love about this is that  I can easily use store bought sauce if I don’t have homemade sauce ready. It’s easy to make and easy to clean up. With a little more time on my hands, I can’t wait to make a nice, spicy spaghetti sauce to try. What dish have you had with spaghetti squash?

As I am sensitive to wheat and gluten, I have been trying new recipes as most of you likely do already. I try to have a diet high in vegetables and some fruit, limiting the grains I eat as for me I always feel better when I am loading up on vegetables instead of grains. I try to stick as close to the Paleo Diet as I can ( Some of my friends have said… “you are already restricted with what you can eat, why would you cut-out even more foods?!?” To be honest, I LOVE vegetables. Sometimes I feel like I can’t quite get enough.

I will be adding the spaghetti recipe soon!


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