Groceries and food allergies

Do you find living with food allergies affects the amount you spend on groceries? A lot of the gluten free options or foods that are free of the top allergens can be more expensive. One thing I haven’t been able to do is buy in bulk. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the more allergy friendly ingredients/products could be bought that way? I would love to buy dried fruits in bulk if I could.

What items do you wish came in bulk or were more affordable? I know cereal is one of my more expensive products. I tend to consider cereal, or granola a treat. I really do wish the dairy and soy free ice cream products were more affordable. Actually, to be honest, I am likely eating healthier most of the time, because these treats don’t really fit into the budget.

I love baking because it definitely saves a little and often times, can be tastier than a store bought option I might have been tempted to go for. Definitely craving some delicious banana bread and scones right now… Maybe those should be the next recipes to add to the recipes page!

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