It’s BBQ time!

What do you do when you are invited to a family BBQ or summer party? How do you prepare for it? Do you contact the host/hostess to see if you will be able to eat what they are having, or simply bring your own food? I have been to a number of BBQs and have hosted a few as well. I always make sure that the grill gets cleaned and that I have my own corner of the grill and separate cooking utensil. I make sure whoever is “manning” the BBQ is aware of my allergies and knows NOT to touch my food. The first BBQ I hosted last summer, I was worried about friends bringing marinated foods, so I offered to make the meat, and had everyone else pitch in for drinks and sides.

The best worry-free BBQs I have been to are the annual ones with a support group here in Victoria,BC. The receiving family deals with allergies as well, and they are well aware of the severity. Each appetizer or dish has an ingredient list next to it, even brand names are mentioned. Even at such an organized event, it can be tough for me to eat safely.

My soy/soya allergy is usually the “deal-breaker” come BBQ season as it is in sooo many marinades, as well as chips and dips and other things. At a BBQ, just like at any other dinner, if I am the slight bit concerned about cross-contamination I ALWAYS make myself a plate first, before anyone else starts. That way, I can sit down, relax and not worry.

Backyard BBQs are always fun! So plan ahead, make sure you don’t feel stressed and enjoy them! The weather is beautiful, there’s bound to be a ton of laughter and smiles. Maybe even a pool! And no need to worry about the indoor cat or dog!

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