Being denied something due to your allergies

Have you ever been denied something due to your allergies? If so, how did that feel? I have  on occasion been denied something because I had food allergies, and at the time I was extremely frustrated by it, angry and did not understand how anyone could do that. Maybe a restaurant said they wouldn’t serve you, or you weren’t allowed to attend an event or perhaps a certain school.

Looking back on these moments, I now realize what reasoning led them to their decision. Even though thinking about it hits me pretty hard emotionally, I try to put myself in the other person/persons shoes,  instead of expressing feelings of anger. What if they didn’t have allergies? Or perhaps they didn’t know anyone who did? All they know is that it is life-threatening. Maybe the reason is that they know cross-contamination is risky, and they do not feel it is worth trying to accommodate with that level of risk. We are all human, and we all have fears. Most fears stem from the fact that we do not have enough information or resources to follow that certain path.

I have learned to embrace the moment. It can be fairly tough when it happens, however if you are able to take a deep breathe, tell yourself it is beyond your control, and move ahead, you will feel so much bolder, stronger and at peace for having done so. We all learn from these experiences. Life is a journey. When I reach a wall, I tell myself, sometimes ‘things happen for a reason”. Cherish the good and never let anything get in the way of your goals. Simply look at these as new challenges and nothing more than a slight detour in the road. 🙂

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