Cooking with friends and family

Tonight was a fun evening. Not once did my food allergies come up in discussion, nor did I have to even think about them, because we were cooking at my place. In the safety of my own kitchen. Do you ever cook or bake with friends or family? Do you cook in your kitchen or theirs? What precautions might you use if you are not at home?

Tonight we made butternut squash soup and prepped a roast beef for tomorrow. Oh and I must not forget to mention the awesome coconut fudge! What a treat 🙂

In the past, when I have been in other kitchens than my own I have always been careful to clean everything I plan on using before even cooking. When our family stayed in hotels with kitchenettes, I ALWAYS cleaned the utensils, plates, glasses and pots that I would use. In my mind, there is no harm in being extra cautious. Yes they were cleaned, however I feel safer cleaning them, just to be on the safe side. Some places I have stayed at, I have cleaned the ENTIRE kitchen before cooking anything. Those stories will follow shortly. As will the delicious foods treats we made tonight.

Recipes to be added tomorrow, just in time for the weekend! Time to put on the chef’s hat.

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