New foods…

How keen are you on trying new foods? Perhaps you are interested in a particular tradition or culture and are interested in experiencing what they eat or drink. What challenges might you face (if you haven’t already) with foods and ingredients from other countries?

On many occasions, I have been asked by friends to join them for Chinese or Japanese food, and I really wish I could join them. However, with my allergies to soy, peanuts and nuts I have decided that these are 2 types of restaurants I personally will not dine at. I am very hesitant at trying new dishes at friends’ houses unless they can confidently provide a detailed list of what is in the dish. If there is any uncertainty in ingredients used, I ALWAYS play it safe. I have become more confident in myself and no longer let the worry of offending the cook/host/hostess, interfere with my judgement. If I do not feel comfortable eating the food, I will politely explain that I feel uneasy and that I am certain their dish is very good, though I will have to skip. I have on occasion also asked for the recipe, said I would try it at home, which shows them that I really am interested in trying it. And they do not feel offended. 🙂

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