The allergy list…

Have you ever downplayed your allergies so you wouldn’t look like you were allergic to as many things? Maybe you only mention your severe food allergies, and decide to leave the intolerances out. Sound familiar? Or perhaps you are very confident and not at all worried about what others may think.

Personally, I know when I moved out for College and University I was eating out with friends and there were many potluck dinners as well. There were a few occassions that I wished I could skip over my list of allergies. I always asked myself one question… That was; “What if?”. What if I reacted because I had omitted to mention one of my allergies? If it wasn’t one of the more severe ones, the reaction wouldn’t be as severe, however there really is no point in making oneself sick when it can be avoided. If I didn’t want to have to bring it up, I would simply bring my own meal and leave it at; “I have a lot of allergies and feel safer bringing my own food along”.

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