“What can I do to help you out?”

Have you ever been badly injured, or ill to the point that you were “out of commission” and maybe spending most of your time in bed? If so, I am sure you have had family members or friends who offered to help you out. Frozen, home-cooked meals seem like a very common thing that people bring over when someone is sick or feeling under the weather.  It is such a kind gesture on their part, and most of us LOVE meals we don’t have to make ourselves, however for someone with allergies, this may require a lot of thought.

If someone offers to make you food so you have nice meals that doesn’t require preparation time and lots of work; what do you say? What do you do? I know I would ask a lot of questions. I would need to know how safe their kitchen is for me. In my mind it would be like eating out at a restaurant. Same thing. One would need to asses the situation, then determine the level of risk and decide whether they were comfortable with that.

What if you were to suggest they come over to your house to make the food?!?!? Maybe this is a foreign idea, but it makes perfect sense! And the best part about it would be (Unless you have a seriously contagious bug) that you could get some social time out of it too! You know your kitchen is safe. That there have never been nuts in it. That all the plastic cooking utensils have only been used for your cooking. Cutting boards haven’t had bread on them that had soy and wheat or other allergens in it…

To me it makes PERFECT sense! And better yet, why not have a few friends over. Then you can all catch up and get some things cooked and into the freezer. And VOILA! Safe, worry-free food made with love from friends and family who care most about you! And better yet, if you are the slight bit worried, you are right there and can see what is going on.

There is always a way! Just because we have allergies, it shouldn’t mean we have to miss out on anything. When you are feeling unsure, put on your thinking cap and get creative. There’s bound to be a work-around solution. There HAS to be 🙂

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