Emailing the restaurant prior to eating there…

Here’s a simple email template I came up with if I am emailing a restaurant or slightly modify it when sending to caterers. Hopefully it can be useful to some of you. Especially if you are inquiring on behalf of a colleague, friend or family member and do not have allergies or intolerances yourself… You can tweak it as you see fit!

Dear ________________ ,

I have spoken with a member of the staff at your restaurant who has kindly given me your contact information.

My colleagues and I are looking for safe places to eat that would be willing to accommodate to a SEVERE Peanut and Nut allergy.

My colleague is EXTREMELY allergic and I would like to know if there are any peanuts/nuts in your kitchen and whether you would be comfortable making a dish she can eat.

I understand that nothing is 100% guaranteed when eating out, however I would appreciate your input.

In looking at your menu, some meals that look promising are;   ______________ , ________________ , _________________ would any of these be safe for her to eat given her allergies?

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this further.    250.000.0101






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