What affects your allergies and asthma?

Do you see patterns in your allergies or asthma with environmental allergies and your general health/diet? Do you notice your allergies improve or worsen when you incorporate certain foods in your diet? Maybe you have asthma, and physical activity makes your asthma better or maybe it makes it worse.

For me, I have learned that my asthma gets better controlled and I need less medications when I am doing more sports. When I trained competitively, my asthma was under better control, as long as there weren’t other triggers to set off the allergies and worsen the asthma. I know that if I have a SAFE home where I do not have allergies or asthma, am not in environments that worsen my allergies, and do daily physical activity; my asthma improves over time.

Right now, my asthma is well controlled. Taking my inhaler morning and night has become part of my daily routine. And I know if I have skipped it.

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