What allergies?

Do you have days where allergies “take the back seat” and don’t really affect your day? Today was one of those for me. No scratchy throat, itchy eyes or tight chest. I also packed enough food so I did not feel like I was missing out on anything. When my allergies are controlled I feel like I can ACTUALLY entirely focus on work or whatever activity I am doing.   No distractions.

However, I must say that even those days where my allergies seem to “flare up” the calmer I am about dealing with them the better. I have come to the conclusion that being frustrated about the symptoms is not work it. All that does is “work up” our system even more. My routine is usually to take a few deep breathes, take an antihistamine and usually go outside for some fresh air and to change my mind. The thoughts in my mind are usually  that of “well, I guess my body is a little over-reactive today”. Or I try to figure out what might have “set me off”, without letting myself get too caught up in it. If I can pinpoint the cause immediately, great! In contrary, if I am completely stumped I try to set that thought aside for another time. I  can play detective when I get home from work or wherever I am.

Perhaps you have seasonal allergies and instead of having days here and there that are allergy free, you have a few weeks in the spring or fall that are bad and then winter is the “symptom-free” season.


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