Afternoon hunger strikes again!

Today I didn’t pack enough food for my day. If you have food allergies I am sure you can relate. Have you left for school or work and not packed enough food for the day, or better yet, forgot your entire lunch and snacks? Every once in a while it happens. Sometimes it works out that you are close to a grocery store you can pick something up at, other times you are pretty much stuck.

Today, around 3pm, with another 2hrs in my workday my stomach was telling me it needed food. Our office is a little ways away from town, and I am without a car. Unfortunately I was 30 minutes too late for the restaurant where I could have ordered eggs and fruit. Asking around the office, I was able to get myself 2 kiwis and I set out on a walk to see if I could find something more. I walked into a pizzeria and was about to turn right around and make my way back out when I noticed a few cans of V8 juice in the fridge! Just my luck 🙂

Walking back into the office, colleagues chuckled with me when I shared my excitement for the “V8 find”. Instead of coming back with snack food like anyone else without allergies probably would have done, I ended up with an extremely healthy snack!

I think I need a stash in my drawer of some “Erika friendly” foods.

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