A vacation! From antihistamines…

Unfortunately when I bring up “vacation” I’m not headed to somewhere warm, or for a ski trip in the alps. I merely mean that tomorrow will be my 7th day without having to take Benadryl or a 24hr antihistamine. It truly feels exciting to say. Definitely “knocking on wood”  as I type away, not to jinx it. I may only get away with another day or two, or on the contrary it could be a week or longer. All I can say is I am going to enjoy it while I can! I even managed to take public transit on monday and made it home safely. No wheezing or sneezing. Although this is very exciting, I have no idea what I may have done differently lately that may have helped me out.

I will admit; though I am extremely curious what might have changed my usual 24/7 antihistamine intake, I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. Hasn’t happened often, so for now I won’t even bother questioning it!

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