Different foods/diet and allergies

Have you ever noticed a difference with your allergies when you eliminated certain foods from your diet? I know when I eliminated wheat and dairy, I started to feel a whole lot better. I don’t know how much of an influence this had on my allergies and asthma because there isn’t really an easy way to measure this, however curiosity has me.

I know I haven’t eaten fast food in years, mostly thanks to my food allergies but also because of the nutritional factor. I have changed my diet a fair bit, and am still experimenting to see whether some foods affect me more than others. Call me crazy if you will, but when you have a ton of allergies, you start to consider the possibilities. I have always been stumped on; why my environmental allergies been more severe over the last few years. There’s no point getting down about it, or really no point getting frustrated or angry. The fact is they are worse. So I need to deal with the reality and work backwards. All I do know, is that the food we ingest MUST be influencing our bodies to some extent.

I try to eat as much organic and free range products as I can afford and a TON of vegetables and fruit! The veggies and fruit probably make up 75% of my diet. It’s too bad organic products weren’t more affordable for everyone to enjoy on a more regular basis.

Anyone else have any input on this one? Any successes with diet changes? Or maybe you made a change and really didn’t see any difference?

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