Allergies are not the only Challenge… Dealing with an injury

Tonight I thought I would add a post that was a little less related to allergies, and more related to the theme of “overcoming challenges”. As some of you may know, I am fairly athletic and keen when it comes to sports. I have competed at regional and provincial levels in cross-country skiing, done a lot of cycling, some triathlons and a whole lot of paddling (marathon canoe, kayaking, dragonboat, outrigger etc.)! Sports and the outdoors have always been a passion of mine, and my “way out”.

Whenever I feel a little down, I know a little exercise will bring me back to my senses! Sometimes all I need is some time to reflect on what’s really going on. Why I feel down. Sports always give me a perfect opportunity to do just that.

Now, if you are like me, and sports are a HUGE part of your life, have you ever been injured or ill and had to miss out on training and physical activity for a period of time? Maybe a few days, or weeks or even months. Perhaps one sport in particular has become too tough on your body and you have had to switch to another one that maybe causes less impact on your body.

All athletes whether recreational or elite usually deal with injuries at some pt. in time. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there is ALWAYS a work around and the more positive we can be about the circumstances the better! Sometimes our body simply needs  a little more rest. If you are dealing with a bad shoulder and really wanting to race the following weekend, don’t rush it. I can say from experience that there really is no benefit to your body, if you push it too hard. We could all use some downtime from time to time. So sometimes it’s best to use the injury as exactly that. A time to rest and recover.

I’ve come to realise that fretting over it and being impatient really doesn’t get one anywhere because ultimately, your body will heal when it is ready. Physio and chiro and massage will surely help in recovering, though your body will need to do some work of it’s own to get you back and ready to race! * so to speak 🙂 If you want a faster recovery time, follow the daily exercises; strengthening, mobility and other ones you have been given by a your chiropractor or physio and it will surely help!

My philosophy is to be good to your body, because overdoing it won’t get you any further ahead. If anything, it’ll take you back a few steps! And no one wants to hear they’ve gone backwards due to their own doing. So rest and recover. If you are down for a little while, consider a new hobby to occupy some time, and keep you busy. I know I have recently picked up the guitar as another way to pass the time.I know how tough it can be when you can’t do what you love the most, trust me. If I could, I’d be out paddling everyday! One thing I do know, is that things usually work out in the wash.


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