Before Arriving at the Restaurant

I am certain that everyone questions how eating out is possible with allergies (whether you have allergies or simply know someone with allergies). Not everyone with allergies eats out. There are many that do not feel safe and I support their decision 100%. I eat out on occasion, mostly when traveling if I don’t have my own kitchen etc. 

Below are some steps I take before eating in circumstances when I know where we will be going. Each time I eat out, I take strict action, even if I am eating out at the same restaurant, and again, this is purely my routine. Not everyone  feels it is required when eating at the same restaurant, and I say it is entirely at your discretion.

If I know which Restaurant we will be going to:

  • Call the restaurant a day or so beforehand to inquire what they have on the menu. I ask what they have as nuts in the kitchen, if they have a gluten free menu, if they are peanut free etc.
  • When I call, I ask to speak with a manager. I explain my allergies, provide suggestions of meals I CAN eat and ask to either speak with the chef directly or ask that the manager call me back after he has spoken with the kitchen.
  • I ask if it would be possible for me to meet with the manager when I arrive for lunch, dinner.

** I ALWAYS act and speak with confidence to show that “this is serious stuff”

Next post will be  “The steps I take when I arrive at the restaurant” 

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