When in Doubt, go Without

I have often found myself feeling uncertain of the food in front of me. At a restaurant, a friends’ house, even at home. Eating out, I have noticed lots of nuts being served on salads or other dishes. I have gotten worried about cross-contamination, even if the chef said it was OK. I used to feel bad about saying, ” I think I’ll skip ” but have become more secure and confident and willing to speak up. I have learned to trust my gut. I mean it’s soo not worth the risk!

My friends and family are great. If I say that I’d rather not try something, they don’t even question my decision. They’ll say ” Ok, no worries, what else can we make you? ” Or          ” Where else can we go? ” If you are a parent, sibling, friend, partner of someone who struggles with allergies, reading this, it is best to show you support their decision if they decide they DON’T want to eat the food, or eat at a specific restaurant. And if they are unsure/uncomfortable don’t push, maybe ask them some questions to get that thought process going. Sometimes all we need is a little extra help in kick-starting the thought process.

” What worries you about eating here? ”
” What part of the dish are you worried about? ”
” Can we order something else? ”
” Would you like me to speak with the manager of the restaurant with you? ”

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