No need to feel left out when there’s baked goods around!

Today was my mother’s Birthday! Growing up, my mother did an amazing job at making sure I didn’t feel left out when it came to food, desserts and other treats. Yup, having all the allergies I have meant that those store bought cookies and snacks weren’t always a safe option, and I don’t recall feeling like I was ever really missing out. There were amazing homemade cookies, muffins, pancakes and other treats.

Is baking something that kinda worries you? Afraid you’ll burn the cookies, or overcook the banana bread? There are many recipes that aren’t too tricky to make but taste sooo good! Even if being in the kitchen isn’t really your thing! I’ll try to set you up with as many of these as possible, because a life with allergies shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on incredibly tasty and somewhat sugary treats on occassion!

If you’re reading this, and some yummy dessert comes to mind that you wish you knew how to make with your allergies write a comment! Mention what you’d LOVVVE to have, and your allergies, and maybe I have that recipe or will come up with one for you! I’m always looking for new ideas.

Any suggestions for tomorrows post? Let me know! Ideas are always welcome. 🙂

2 thoughts on “No need to feel left out when there’s baked goods around!

  1. The new recipe for guacamole looks delicious. I will have to go shopping tomorrow. Great website Erika. Where do you find time for all that you do?

    • Good question Janis! I have always believed that if you are truly passionate about something, you find the time to make it happen 🙂 This website is one more thing I dreamed of creating, and blogging is now becoming routine.

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