” Sooo…. What can you eat ?!?!? “

Heard this one before? Or maybe you asked someone the very same question… I know I have both been asked, and asked this simple, direct, question. Speaking from my own personal experience, it can be really hard to keep from constantly considering, what you may or may not be “missing out” on.

When I was younger, it seems all I could think about were the yummy desserts and treats my friends and siblings were able to enjoy at dinners, birthday parties and sleepovers. When asked the “What can you eat question?” my replies were usually along the lines of… ” well, anything that doesn’t have peanuts or tree nuts or soy or… ”

It’s very easy to get caught up in the “what can’t I have” when most of the things around you just won’t work for you. Yet it is ever so important to change that focus to be more positive. Forget about what you “can’t” have and start dreaming up crazy recipes with things you can have! I mean on occasion I might even crave a spinach salad! Now that’s crazy. 😛

Some desserts I have made for friends and parties have left many questioning whether or not something so tasty could get an “Erika safe” label!

I mean the possibilities remain endless! It’s all about how we chose to deal with the challenge we are presented with. ~ 85% of the food I buy comes from the perimeter isles of the grocery store or local markets. Yes, I am talking only vegetables and poultry, fish and meats… Not going to find many of the foods I’m allergic to in fresh produce and meats! And no, not the bakery section. Somehow I don’t count it in the perimeter.

So if I’m not up for label reading, I know I can create a pretty tasty soy-free stirfry and be in and out of the grocery store within maximum 15 minutes!

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  1. Hi Erika! What a great idea! I will definitely check in to see what you have to say. I’m looking forward to recipes and will pass this on to Jade. I think she will find it very interesting.

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