Why Me? It’s not fair!

Ever ask yourself why you have all the allergies? I have asked myself this question a million times and yet still don’t know the answer!  Maybe your siblings are allergy free or you got stuck with a longer list… Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have 2 brothers, and neither one has any allergies that could result in Anaphylaxis.

Sometimes these 2 phrases can bring up sooo much frustration or emotion. I know I have pondered these on countless occasions and no answers have come about. Now imagine all this time we spend wondering why, anxious about what is, and how it could be different. Yes allergies can be a royal pain in the butt… but nothing in life is a free-ride. If you think of this as a challenge, imagine the incredible feeling of satisfaction you will have when you start to overcome each obstacle you are faced with!

Instead of asking why, ask yourself how. How can I get over this hurdle? How does this ACTUALLY influence who I am? How does this make me any different than my friends or family? How can I prove to myself and my entourage that my allergies do NOT define me?

If you begin to ask yourself these simple questions, you may be surprised, because this simple thought process may bring up some interesting conclusions. Here are my answers to the above questions….

  • I CAN get over this hurdle by improving my cooking skills and coming up with new recipes. When going to parties I can bring a delicious peanut, nut, soy, dairy, wheat and gluten free dish! That will IMPRESS!!! 🙂
  • Regardless of allergies, I will always be confident, outgoing, happy and resourceful!
  • Everyone has some challenge either health related or other. We all work through them and learn, no matter what!
  • My allergies do not determine who I am, because Passion and Desire will always prevail! And my family supports me regardless of my allergies.

5 thoughts on “Why Me? It’s not fair!

  1. The role of a parent is to “care for” & “protect” yet suddenly that is a challenge when your child is faced with serious allergies. Accepting and embracing this daily challenge enables us with tools to offer and inspire confidence and to continually renew ones self esteem.

  2. Congratulations Erika! This is phenomenal and will be a huge inspiration to others. I don’t suffer too much from allergies, but have other things to cope with, so you are right – almost everyone has something. Together we can achieve progress in accepting and overcoming challenges.

  3. My daughter (10) has multiple food allergies and I have heard her express this sentiment. Usually it’s after some school celebration that underscores how different she is from her friends.
    But then I remind her that everyone has something and no one gets out alive! Yes, it definately sucks when you think that every bite you eat has the potential of causing a fatal reaction. It can really freak you out and sometimes people get too scared to eat…anything.
    But try to remember that everyone has something. Leukemia, diabetes, mental illness, abusive families, tragic accidents, war… At least with food allergies, we have some tools to overcome this. Epipens, support groups, food safety laws, support groups. It truly sucks to have food allergies but it is doable.
    I think that all of the people who have food allergies are forcing society to stop thinking inwardly about themselves and start thinking of others. I have seen so much compassion from friends, family and even strangers that through food allergies, I have to have faith and hope for the future. We are raising a kinder gentler generation.
    Sorry for the spelling errors. My daughter wants me to come and bake with her!

    • GotEpi, thank you for your message. I would have to agree that society is becoming more aware and compassionate with people who have food allergies. I think a lot has to do with awareness as you mentioned above. My philosophy as always been “when in doubt, go without”. I have done lots of outreach/support with youth both in Victoria, BC and through research projects through the University of Alberta. Knowing another child, teen, adult with allergies is the best thing for anyone living with an allergy, or any other disease for that matter. Someone we can relate to.

      One of the reasons I set up this website was to INCREASE awareness and share in hopes that someone feeling alone might smile when they see I can relate.

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